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We don't just bake rolls. Sure, the rolls are the reason we are here, but we know man cannot live on cinnamon rolls alone.

Cookies. We have a selection of cookies that change monthly. The Snickerdoodle will always be on the menu, but we like to keep things fresh and rotate in other cookies such as red velvet, ginger, lemon, chocolate chip, key lime, as well as anything else we decide we want to experiment with!

Muffins. We make a gluten-free cinnamon struessel muffin, a delicious donut muffin, and a lemon-lavender muffin. These flavors can change too as we add new recipes to the lineup.

Carrot and Italian Cream cakes. These are the only items on the menu that we don't bake here. We carry amazing italian cream and carrot cakes from a local business, Dave's Carrot Cakery. Dave insists on quality ingredients like we do, and his cakes are simply amazing.

You never know when we are going to add something interesting or seasonal to the menu, so check here and our Facebook page often to see whats cooking, or just stop by and see for yourself!