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Anything baked deserves a good cup of coffee.

So why not the BEST cup of coffee? We proudly serve only Red Light Roastery coffee. Red Light is the only local roaster in Hot Springs, and since they opened have become a Hot Springs favorite. We serve an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee that they roast for us every Tuesday, ensuring each cup is as fresh and delicious. We also offer a full line coffee bar and espresso drinks.


Espresso, Lattes, Cappuccino, you get the idea. A good shot starts with good coffee. Red Light Roastery is the best around, and its all we use. Whether you need a morning pick-me-up shot or you want to relax and enjoy a latte, we have you covered.


If you’ve never had a double shot of espresso over the best ice cream around, you might need to try it. It’s called an Affogato. You will thank us.